Purchase enquiries are now possible
This function was developed for waste management operators (WMOs) when acting as buyers. WMOs are no...
MOR Online enlarges advertising spaces
In line with the developments that have been made on the platform, we have enhanced and enlarged the...
  • To provide a space for advertising waste supply and demand;
  • To promote the trading of waste between companies;
  • To foster recycling and other forms of waste recovery, prolong the life cycle of materials and save natural resources;
  • To provide a direct channel of communication between agents in the sector and place waste producers in contact with operators and logistics services;
  • To encourage new partnerships, especially with regard to industrial symbioses that foster best waste treatment practices;
  • To promote pollution prevention in the production process and the entire value chain in waste management in general and treatment and transport in particular;
  • To optimise waste management operations and minimise their cost;
  • To provide information on legislation, prevention, typical use of some types of waste, recovery technologies, etc.;
  • To encourage the development of new waste treatment technologies;
  • To encourage the installation of new industries by fostering waste recycling, especially those whose current capacity is poor (e.g. CDW);
  • To identify markets for waste that is hard to move, such as organic compost, CDW and some industrial waste;
  • To encourage the use of materials from recycled waste.