Purchase enquiries are now possible
This function was developed for waste management operators (WMOs) when acting as buyers. WMOs are no...
Overall Management now available
The MOR Online platform now has a new function. It was developed with customers needing more than ju...

1. About MOR

2. About MOR Online

3. Which law governs the constitution, management and operation of the organised waste market pursuant to Article 62(2) of Decree-Law 178/2006 of 5 September?

4. What's new about MOR Online?

5. When did the platform receive authorisation to go ahead from Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente?

6. What partners are involved in the project? What part does each one play?

7. What were the reasons for developing an organised waste market platform?

8. How does MOR Online work? What is its economic, operational and institutional profile?

9. How will it interact with SIRAPA?

10. The law also sets out that MOR members will be given financial incentives, such as a reduction in the registration fee in the Integrated Registration System of Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (SIRAPA). How can they obtain this reduction?

11. Is this discount for life?

12. What materials are going to be traded?

13. What are the advantages of the MOR (organised waste market) for the household waste market?

14. What are the advantages of the MOR for construction and demolition waste (CDW)?

15. What are the advantages of the MOR for industrial waste?

16. What certification procedures for goods traded and the credibility of the market have been taken into account?

17. What types and quantities of waste do you expect to trade?

18. Who will be in charge of operating the platform?

19. Who will be the main users?

20. Who can join the MOR trading platforms?

21. Will the start-up of MOR Online have any effect on management systems like the SIGRE? Will it be a complementary or independent system?

22. What is the partners' interest in entering the MOR Online ?

23. What will the economic impact of MOR Online be on the accounts of the companies linked to the project?

24. Luís Veiga Martins is Managing Director of SPV and CEO of MOR Online. How is he able to reconcile the two positions?

25. Is there a conflict of interest between SPV and MOR Online?